Are You on An Online SuperHighway to Nowhere?
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You have bad feelings and are frustrated, no results, no millions of dollars, hardly any sales, even you have tried everything. OK. I will tell my story.

Few years back I happened to read some ads about making money online from home, making fast easy money. I read about people making millions with easy automated systems. OK. I did not really believe them totally. But I kept on reading and found more and more similar stories. At that time I was planning to retire from my own furniture business and was looking for some easy additional income.

So I joined few mailing lists and started to receive offers on huge potential income and best of all you needed to work only few hours weekly. I did not pay anything yet, but joined more programs for free. I wanted to learn more. But before long I paid my first 29 dollars for joining a list and a program that supposed to be easy and simple and start making money at once. No way.

After some time I had joined several programs, downloaded pile of free and paid ebooks and other material for reading later. I read some of it and tried to learn more. After a while, there was a call from the states, offering me an agreement for guidance to great results, guaranteed. The total cost, I really did not find out. I was afraid that I will be robbed and I make agreement that would cost me my whole fortune. I had few similar situations. You never know what would have happened, if I just had worked with them. Maybe I would be a rich man by now.

But anyway, I joined more lists, paid more money for joining programs and finally I had several different systems that were not bringing in any money at all, just taking a lot of time and money every month. A lot of emails were coming to my inbox. I did all the mistakes one can do with starting online business. You start as a hobby, some kind of interest, you start dreaming about easy big money, hardly any work at all and no skills required. Then before long you are paying all kinds of monthly fees and no income from online business and no lists and nothing.

I should have been wise enough to think this as a business that requires all the basics that regular off line business requires and in addition to that you have to learn a great deal of new things, computer skills.

So here are my few basic theses:

1. Keep your head cool.
2. Do not believe everything you read, listen and see.
3. Study carefully and collect information
4. Stop downloading everything you think is good and valuable even if it is free.
5. Stop joining all lists and programs even if they are free. You often have to pay for results.
6. Make Plans. What do you really want from your online business?
7. Stick to your plans. Set realistic Goals. Prepare to invest some.
8. Have Dreams and work for your dreams.
9. Build a reliable network of people. Learn who you can trust and who can help you best.
10. There is easy money for somebody, but it is not you. You have to work for your money.

Online you can make money, slowly, but in the long run you will make profits and start getting additional income working from home. You can make good money, if you are Persistent.

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Kauhajoki, Finland
Skype: aholhe

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