I am Heikki, 69, retired from traditional international trade, but I continue working online from home. When I retired and started working online few years back, I hadn’t enough knowledge about business online even I have very long career in business world. But I started to read, learn. I tried. I tested. I made mistakes, but I kept reading and learning. And now I make nice additional income online for travelling in the coming years. I will make a long trip to the USA with my family. I like to see again my host family in Minnesota and also many relatives and friends I have in the States.

After many mistakes and after many programs that were not fulfilling their promises I ended up with Strong Future International and I found finally a team who has been very helpful for me and I am part of the team now. It is my turn to help people looking for reliable program and team online.

You can find out more, you can even join my SFI-team for free here:


Do you need our team?

  • Have you been struggling in your previous ventures
  • Have you been looking to build your online business more effectively
  • Do you want to learn how to market or advertise online through the use of the step-by-step daily training guide
  • Are you spending more than you make online?
  • Are you looking for reliable company, free to join and learn before investing any money?

From my own experience I like to recommend you to test SFI now and try it yourself. That is the only way to see, if it is suitable for you and for your goals for additional income online. If it is not for you, just drop it and test something else. Here is the link to join my team for free:


It is a team that you need in order to success online. You need to build team of your own and you need to start building it right now. You will not regret joining my team.

Hope to see you as a successful team leader here.

Heikki Ahola


  • Retired from traditional International Trade
  • Business Coach. Now Working Online at Home
  • I would be happy to assist you in your efforts online.


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