Sea vegetables, or seaweed, are the most nutrient-dense foods found on the planet. They are packed with more minerals than you can possibly imagine, including providing 2000% of your daily recommended intake of the much needed iodine!

No other foods provide the mineral benefits found in sea vegetables. And how could they? Seaweeds accumulate all the wonderful minerals found in the waters of our seas and oceans and transfer those benefits to the end user – us and other animals inhabiting the sea.

Aside from providing tremendous amounts of iodine, calcium, potassium, iron, and many other trace minerals, many sea vegetables are very high in protein. One example is spirulina, which has more protein per gram than most animal protein sources.

Seaweed and Weight Loss

One of the most overlooked and understudied areas of human health and weight loss is the concept that we don’t become satiated from eating tons of calories. Instead, we become satiated when our body has received enough minerals at any given meal.

If you go to McDonald’s and have a 2000 calorie meal, you will most likely still be hungry, right? The reason for this is that your body has received absolutely ZERO mineral nutrition from the meal.

A lack of mineralization in our food supply causes us to eat more food simply because our bodies are craving more minerals!

One of the first things you’ll notice when you add ocean vegetables to your meals is that you will feel completely satisfied after eating and you will notice a dramatic reduction in food cravings.

This is massive if you’re looking to lose weight.

Sea vegetables help you eat less because they provide you with more… minerals and overall nutrition than any other food on the planet!

Sea Vegetables Help Remove Heavy Metal Toxins from the Body

One amazing feature of sea vegetables is their ability to bind minerals (ie. heavy metals like mercury and lead) and remove them from the body. Seaweeds contain algin, a fiber molecule that binds heavy metals and attracts them into the digestive tract for elimination.

Considering the trace amounts of such heavy metals in our food and water supply, eating more sea vegetables can be natural way to help you stay healthy and possibly prevent many toxicity-based conditions like Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and many more!

Seaweed for Thyroid Problems

The thyroid gland controls your metabolism. When it becomes sluggish, so do you. Your overall metabolic rate declines and your ability to lose weight is greatly affected.

Enter seaweeds… As I mentioned at the top of this article, most seaweeds provide up to 2000% the RDI of iodine!

The reason that’s so important is that iodine is one of the base molecules of the thyroid hormones (thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3)). When there isn’t enough iodine in the body – mainly as a result of an iodine-impoverished food supply – thyroid hormone production, and thus thyroid function, is negatively affected.

One of the best recommendations I can make to you is to eat more sea vegetables simply because of this fact. So many people, especially women, suffer from low thyroid function and it really hinders their energy levels and ability to lose weight.

I’m not saying sea vegetables are a miracle cure but overtime they will dramatically most aspects of your health, including your thyroid function.

Yuri Elkaim is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and author of the raw food diet book Eating for Energy. Find out how his work has helped more than 22,000 people lose weight and live their healthiest life ever – visit

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