Here are 5 helpful steps.

  1. Get it out of your head and down on paper (or onto your screen).

Use an online task manager, or grab a pen, and just start writing notes on what you have to do. Just get it out of your head, no particular order and you won’t have to worry about it taking up space in your brain anymore.

  1. Prioritize and group your tasks

Prioritize based on what you LIKE doing and what you’d most enjoy getting off your plate Look at your tasks, decide what’s important and what you “want” to do first.

  1. Take action and do the easy stuff first.

Dig in. It’s much easier finishing tasks you enjoy doing as opposed to the tougher ones (even if they’re more important). Since you prioritized your tasks based on what you WANT to do first, those should be the easiest to get done. As long as you’re taking action you’re on the right track.

  1. Stay focused (on the current task) until complete

Do it, complete it. Don’t do another task until you’ve completed (and checked off) the previous task. Don’t do half of one task while doing half of another task, otherwise you’d end up back in the world of overwhelm.

  1. Celebrate

Check that sh*t off your list. Give yourself a pat on the back. Being able to check your tasks off a list is the reason task lists exist. Every completed task deserves a small reward. Celebrate the fact that you’re moving forward, and that you know how to KEEP moving forward.

Repeat the above steps until your tasks have been checked off your list.

You just have to do it – and keep doing it. Easy, right? Kind of.

The tool I use on a daily basis to keep all my task management on task, is called the TomorrowList, and it’s part of GLOBALNPN‘s suite of marketing tools.

I use it because it’s a simple, non-complicated, task manager that is super quick to set up, create tasks, make notes, and get stuff done.. which is what we want, right?

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