A friend of mine Yuri Elkaim wrote in his blog yesterday. I quote:

“I don’t have H1N1 and I certainly don’t plan on getting it.

And, I’m not vaccinated and will most certainly NOT get my vaccination. It’s scary to see how much hype has gone into prompting people of walks to get their H1N1 virus vaccination.

Considering the nasty consequences of vaccines (after all, many of them have “stabilizers” such as body-decaying mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde added to them) I choose to protect my body naturally by building and supporting my immune system.

This is a continuation to my previous post on boosting your immune system, and you can follow these recommendations to help your body out so that you don’t have to fall prey to H1N1 or any other flu that comes a knocking.

1. Sleep and Rest

Especially if you haven’t been feeling great or have busy, stressed days.  Your body regenerates when it enters stage 4 (deep) sleep. Thus, depriving yourself of sleep is not what you want to do.

2. Hydrate

Drink plenty of fluids:  filtered water, herbal teas (ginger, peppermint).  Remember: coffee and alcohol dehydrate and weaken your system.

3. Eat as Healthy as You Can

Be sure to eat plenty of raw fruit and fresh vegetables for their powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and thousands of phytonutrients that help you fend off foreign invaders.”

You can read his complete blogpost here. It is certainly worth reading. Virus is spreading quite fast at the moment here in Finland and by the end of the year we will see how widely people are suffering from it. Personally I think that Yuri`s 6 point program is what we should have followed long time ago. Go to read his blogpost and make you own valutation.

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