How important is it to organize life?

Everything in our life comes from how we organize it, right?

When everything is organized we can do more, achieve more, become more, and enjoy everything more too, can’t we?
Can’t you?

Are you Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Dissatisfied? Life throws a lot at you. How are you managing it all until now?

Those who organize life will excel far beyond those that don’t because Life Organization is the biggest frontier of development opening up this decade.

Are you ready for that?! But what is it exactly that you are searching the net for regarding how to organize life? What does it really mean to organize life?

Do you want a solid grand system to totally organize life? Do you want some temporary techniques to apply now? Would you like permanent principles for how to organize your entire life?

To organize life you will capture every worth while thought to efficiently choose your actions for all that is important to you, without wasting time or losing time, and allowing you to succeed at whatever you desire.

At times we get off track, whether practically, or with our efficiency, or emotionally.

At those times, I do a 10 Minute Get-on-track review. Essentially it is about writing down things weighing on my mind.

I use the following categories of self-questions to help me do my organize life 10 minute focus sessions.

Organize Life for Self – Touching on my emotions and physical experience. Accept and appreciate how I feel right now. This is the core of how to organize life. It starts from within.

Organize Life for Yesterday – I then take a moment to reflect on yesterday, as that is where I have come from.

Organize Life for Today – Think of the fixed appointments, the general layout of your day to come, and where the areas of your day are where you get to
decide exactly what you do with the time.

Organize Life for Civilisation – What do you want to do in society? What is your place and purpose in terms of contribution and business?

Organize Life for Ideally Organized Living – Picture the biggest possible ideally organized living circumstances that fill your fantasy. This connects
you with the spark of life.

Organize Life for Projects – Now you are ready to consider the actual projects and responsibilities that you have in your life. Tasks, hobbies, interests,
pursuits, business ideas, etc.

Organize Life for Right Now – Through the above self-question process you are probably now ready to decide on the next step activities to organize your life even more.

This 10 minute review might take longer when you first do it. Take your time with it, and remember this article. As a Professional Organizer I can guarantee by doing this simple 10 minute process regularly your life will become more and more organized.

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