Imagine being able to drive 1000’s of untapped and highly targeted audience members to a program that earns you big bucks each and every time. What would you do with all that extra cash?

As an affiliate marketer, we want you to earn big, and the only way for you to do that, is to tap into as many of our target clients as you can.

Penny bid auctions sites, allow your clients to get their hands on high value products such as tablets, smart phones and 3D TV’s as well as all other types of wonderful technologies gadgets and gizmos for such a small investment, that literally 100’s of 1000’s of people are happy to ‘have a tinker’ and ‘give it a go’.

Once they do, the need to ‘have a little flutter’ is so low risk, that combined with the high probability of chance for success that the moment they purchase those all important TCredits, your bank account literally goes ching ching!

What this means for you, is that the effort it takes to convert these potential bidders into buyers is so minimal, that the return on investment you generate from your efforts, can have monuments results for you.

Pricebenders™ Auctions…

  • are fun and engaging so the traffic you send easily converts to sales
  • allows everyday people to invest small amounts to win high value prizes
  • has an almost unlimited and untapped audience by which to engage


If that was not all, by applying to our affiliates sales team today, we will even give you for free valuable report “The Secret To SFI SuperProfits”.


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“The Secret To SFI SuperProfits (Why You Must Start Your Own SFI Blog)” reveals a simple secret that successful affiliates employ in their SFI businesses and to which most owe their huge successes.

In this eBook you will learn:

>> why you must start your own SFI Blog

>> how to start your own online business based on your SFI membership

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I think blog can be very good thing to grow your online business faster, and this book provides a lot of details how you can do that. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to start his own blog… MIROSLAV P.


Don’t just take our word for it. Learn here what other affiliate marketers have to say about the success and financial rewards they have gained since joining out scheme.


14129075_B.BissonnetteTrust me when I say I have tried numerous online income-from-home offers. I was impressed with SFI right from the moment I started getting all the information after I signed up. I have not stopped learning and generating an income, SFI hands down has the best marketing tools and support available to get you started. You can become successful! I am not looking back…just forward!!! B. Bissonnette


11507331 O. SchlaichSFI provides everything you need to succeed. Yes, it is hard work, but you can eventually earn money from home. My sponsor has been amazing with me, I receive great support from her and I know I can count on her anytime. My downline is growing daily and more and more people are realizing how great SFI is. Come on, join us and become your own boss! O. Schlaich


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  1. Hi Heikki,

    Thank you so much for the post. To understand SFI even better I have a very good tutorial video. This video explains what SFI is about how your members can make money too. Check out the video here: SFI Tutorial video

    Thanks and keep up the good work Heikki!

    Kind regards,
    Renzo Strijker | Silver Team Leader at SFI

    • admin says:


      Thanks. Your SFI Tutorial video is good. I would like to have one for my work.
      Best regards
      Heikki Ahola | Bronze Team Leader at SFI